COCOBRIGHT 14 days Oil Pulling Set with vanilla flavour

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14 days detox cure for your teeth!
With this oil-pulling cure, you will get rid of annoying plaque and bacteria and naturally get whiter teeth, a healthy oral flora and a fresh breath. Completely without chemicals and 100% organic. Vanilla flavor.

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Product Description

COCOBRIGHT uses 100% natural organic coconut oil to help you get whiter teeth, fresher breath and a smoother smile. Each pack is enough for 14 days, so you can effectively fight the harmful bacteria and raise your oral hygiene to a whole new level. For let’s be honest: what is more beautiful than a bright white smile?

COCOBRIGHT knows that everyone wants a perfect set of bright white teeth. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford the cosmetic dentistry of our favorite celebrities. But do we therefore have to use unhealthy and chemical alternatives to get brighter teeth?

We at COCOBRIGHT want to change that and offer you therefore a 100% natural organic tooth detox cure, which promotes your oral health free of preservatives and helps you to gain a fantastic smile. If you’ve ever tried to oil pulling, you know that even coconut oil can taste quite bitter. Our unique blends have the perfect, tasty balance of organic coconut oil with peppermint flavour, to practice oil pulling the ancient ayurvedic art of healing.

Oil Coating with COCOBRIGHT is a simple, painless and healthy way to detoxify and cleanse the mouth. You will quickly discover that COCOBRIGHT will eliminate any impurities and help you to healthier teeth and a stronger gum. Delight others with your sparkling smile, thanks to COCOBRIGHT Oil Pulling.

Each pack contains 14 sachets and lasts for 14 days. Content: 14x vanilla flavour.

It is really simple: Open Sachet and put COCOBRIGHT in the mouth. (In case that COCOBRIGHT is stored in a cold place, the coconut oil can become solid, but it is immediately liquid in the mouth. If you prefer it to be evenly liquid, simply warm the sachet briefly in your hands.) Rinse for 5-15 minutes in your mouth. Spit out, smile and rejoice.


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